Saturday, January 30, 2010

I wish it were summer & I were a free bird

Sandeep wishes she could be done with this essay, because its gorgeouos out and she would rather be baking vegan cupcakes and having a picnic at the beach with her little sister!
Essays are really just a waste of a day. Oh my, today was such a beautiful day in Santa Cruz. The sun was shining, and everything was beautiful and green. I wanted to throw off my clothes and lay in the grass, despite the cool breeze, which just added to my dissapointment in having to write an essay. I havent seen the you in so long. I miss you dear sun.

Mom, Dad you should give me my tuition money one by one and I will use it to support myself.
No college, no pain, no life wasting. And best of all no Money Wasting.
I could start my own bakery business, helping people all over the world one cupcake at a time.

I really want to bake some cupcakes right now
but Sandeep says we are going to sushi, and I will spoil my dinner.
Im tired of being inside, and I cant take it anymore.
I want to play on the beach in my pink dress.

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