Sunday, January 24, 2010

WAKE uP from your faIRY tale Keerith

It's true. I dont know what I want yet. One moment I see my perfect yellow house with ivy climbing up its side, and I'm smiling down the stairs to my beautiful garden, having tea with a new stranger, all dressed up. A picnic, with the sunlight making the grass look so green its not even natural looking, but I take a step onto the side walk, and I'm in stacked heels parading about the city. Everyone loves me, and I'm beautiful. I'm throwing a party on my roof top with lots of lights and pink drinks. Then everyone leaves and its just me in blankets watching movies on the couch, which belonged to Marie Antoinette at one point in history. It doesnt stop here, because when I wake up in the morning I go to work, at my bakery, and I make the public happy by serving them my latest favourite. And now I'm traveling around the world trying to bring water to people who have never even heard of Louis Vuitton, or a warm shower...
There is so much I wish to do, but I am unmotivated to do anything about it. I feel like here is a waste of time, but even though I am pushed into doing these "normal" things by society, I try to live everyday simply, just in awe that the day exists, and that me, a small particle in the universe, can aspire.

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